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 TrackVision helps athletes and coaches become aware of the EyeGame and provides training and positioning for success.

Everyone has a dominant eye and a preferred field of view that that impacts aiming, tracking, and depth perception. This basic biological fact is taken for granted and it has profound effects on our performance. Accelerate development and improve performance with a proven method of training, tools, analytics, and consulting.

Information contained on this website is only an introduction to the ground-breaking dominant eye research and innovations for sports and general well-being. Contact us to learn more.


Positioning yourself correctly in the batter’s box and in the field will increase your batting average and your fielding percentage.


Body positioning is key for aiming and tracking, hand-eye coordination and accurate perception of location, size, direction, speed in fast paced sports like basketball.


Whether you are a skill player or not, where you line up, how you position yourself, and the way that you face is vitally important to avoiding EyeTraps.


Optimize positioning during set and dynamic play, and force opponents into EyeTraps to confuse visual perception.

Maximizing Vision Effectiveness & Minimizing Errors

How we play starts with how we see — and many athletes are not aware of vision field issues. The key elements to maximizing vision effectiveness and “winning the EyeGame” are:

TrackVision Impact Areas 

Individual Skills

Team Dynamics


Game Plan


Optimize Your EyeGame

We “see” what our brain perceives – not always what’s there. Defects in our visual perception (EyeTraps) result from how our vision system is built and how it works.

EyeTraps go largely un-noticed but become consequential during visual tracking –especially with increased speed and changes in direction. Our research has revealed that EyeTraps are responsible for many unexplained “mystery” errors in sports.

TrackVision training gives you the tools to increase your level of vision awareness, avoid EyeTraps that lead to errors and injuries, and deploy your optimum vision to maximize your performance.

Win the EyeGame and gain competitive advantage with TrackVision.

Which is your dominant eye?

If you don’t know or are not sure, click here to visit our Find Eye page.