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Frequently Asked Questions

The correlation of eye dominance and sports performance has been an overlooked fundamental. 

TrackVision is a customized system of Training, Tools, Analytics and Consulting that teaches you how to develop, track, and optimize your EyeGame.

TrackVision uses an innovative, customized, hands-on, interactive approach, involving education, self-discovery, and guided instruction in actual game and practice situations in coordination with your program.  This is in contrast to traditional vision training, eye strengthening, or peripheral awareness training systems that are typically conducted with electronics or a computer screen.   TrackVision emphasizes deployment of your optimum vision field in real game situations, because we have found that How You See is How you Play.

The EyeGame is an overlooked but critical component of sports performance.  It’s about using vision strategically in player positioning, movement, and execution to gain competitive advantage.

Like a camera, our eyes gather light from objects within our vision field and focus the light onto the retina that sends electrical signals to our brain via the optic nerve.  Our brain processes the electrical signals into images that we “see.”

Our vision field is the complete area over which we can see ― the areas where our eyes can capture visual information.  The specific characteristics of each person’s vision field are unique to the person.

How you see within your vision field determines how you move your body — how you see is how you play.

Visual perception is the brain’s assessment after processing the sensory information it has received.   For example, if your eyes send an impulse to the brain that there is an extremely bright light, your brain perceives there is a potentially damaging situation for your retina ― light is too intense.   This perception then triggers a physical response, closing down the iris of your eye to reduce the opening in your pupil, thus letting in less light.   In this way, visual perception by the brain can trigger a physical action by the body.

Many factors influence Visual Perception, including qualities of our eyesight, gaze angle, plus the position and motion of objects being viewed.

Eye Dominance is brain’s preference for processing visual input from one eye over the other. 

Eye dominance plays a key role in visual perception ― how we see what we see.  

We have discovered major sources of Visual Perception errors ― defects in processing images within your vision field.  Since it is easy to fall into these visual perception errors, we call them “EyeTraps.” 

We have discovered that EyeTraps play a key role in both nagging and epic failures such as accidents, injuries, errors, and other mistakes.  Understanding EyeTraps is critical to overcoming these failures.

Our brain processes information sent from the eyes through a mechanism called “Visual Perception.”  When we say we “see,” we actually mean we “perceive.”

Visual Perception Informed Mechanics is the concept behind TrackVision training.   There is an optimum way for each person to do a task (or make a play) based on the best use of their vision field, and consistent with their body mechanics preferences to facilitate the most efficient and productive movements.

Our experience shows that a basic understanding of these new concepts alone is useful, but not sufficient to sustain increased performance.  That is why we have developed a customized, systematic, modular approach that guides each individual step-by-step through personal demonstrations of the concepts.   TrackVision Indicator Gear are training tools (perception enhancement devices) that expedite the process of permanent learning leading to sustained improved performance.  


Our TrackVision system is based on a number of concepts that interact in complex ways in game situations as the speed and level of play increase. TrackVision Indicator Gear serve a constant guide for integration of optimum vision field and body mechanics at all levels of play, regardless of speed.  Our years of coaching experience with these concepts enable us to guide coaches and athletes to maximum performance within their overall system.

Now – Any time you want to improve your performance – Pre-Season, Scouting, during Season, Playoffs, after Season; Recruiting.   

TrackVision provides multiple benefits across a wide range of sports performance ― any time that eye-hand coordination or eye-body coordination are involved.   In addition, TrackVision training provides benefits of improved safety, ergonomics, comfort, focus, efficiency, and confidence for many work and home activities.