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Avoid EyeTraps

EyeTraps make the difference between winning and
losing. Why did he drop this pass? Contact us to find out.


Why does the ball go through all these players’
hands? At times the mistakes appear almost identical, but there is more to it than meets the Eye! Find the answer with TrackVision training and don’t let this happen to you.

How You See & How You Play

  • Create offensive schemes to fool vision fields of the defense
  • Force the QB into his inefficiencies
  • Learn how to force the ball carrier into errors
  • Develop the best eye to eye chemistry between QB and Receivers
  • Learn styles of hand to hand combat on the line
  • Come up big on special teams with our EyeGame planning approach

Impact Areas

Film Breakdown

Play Design

Player Mechanics

Team Chemistry



Want More Tips?

 Body positioning for proper sighting is a simple concept but the execution is not easy. Eye dominance, handedness, sport, position, natural style, and many other variables make the application and execution challenging. TrackVision offers one-on-one coaching for athletes, clinics for teams, and certifications for coaches. In addition, TrackVision has developed patented training glasses and gear to assist coaches and create awareness.