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Improved Focus

There are several ways we can get fooled by our perception, even on seemingly easy shots such as a layup or foul shot. Learn how to increase your free throw and layup percentage, which makes the difference in the win or loss column.

Maximize Vision Field

Seeing and moving is critical in all aspects of offense and defense, especially in dynamic play.

Track The Rim With TrackVision

  • Improve your jump shot mechanics and learn which shots give you the highest probability for success
  • Make defense predictive by forcing the opposing teams best player into EyeTraps, resulting in low percentage shots, giving your team the best chance to win
  • Increase turnover margin and learn eye appropriate trapping techniques to fool the other team
  • Learn what go to moves should be in your arsenal. Create the moves that fit your style

Impact Areas

Free Throws





Play Design

Want More Tips?

 Body positioning for proper sighting is a simple concept but the execution is not easy. Eye dominance, handedness, sport, position, natural style, and many other variables make the application and execution challenging. TrackVision offers one-on-one coaching for athletes, clinics for teams, and certifications for coaches. In addition, TrackVision has developed patented training glasses and gear to assist coaches and create awareness.