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Find Your Dominant Eye

Follow the steps in the video to identify your dominant eye. Then scroll down to consider your vision field and how you position yourself in your sport.

  1. With both eyes open view a small distant object (example – golf ball at 12 feet away). 
  2. Extend both arms, bring both hands together to create an opening between the hands slightly larger than the golf ball, keeping the golf ball centered through that viewing opening.
  3. Draw the hands in toward the head at a fairly quick pace, keeping the chosen object centered in the opening between the hands. When the hands reach the face, whichever eye is still looking through the opening is the dominant eye.

Please note that this video serves as a general tool to find eye dominance and that eye dominance is confirmed by all TrackVision Certified Coaches.

The Vision Field and EyeTraps

Now That You Know Your Dominant Eye

Think about your sport and how you move on the field or court. Which sides are your strengths and where are your vulnerabilities? Consider your positioning on defense and head and body position during play, batting stance, etc. and how you frame the images captured by your dominant eye .

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If you are still not sure which eye is dominant, or you want more information, please engage with us on our Contact page.