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The "Dominant Eye Coach" Story

As a  young boy and later as a young man, Coach Dave tried to emulate the athletic movements of his father, a talented high school athlete, recruited as a Division 1 college quarterback. Try as he might, Dave never felt like he got the mechanics completely “right.” 

Dave did well but his style remained slightly different from that of his father. The issue of this slight difference remained a curiosity but unresolved as Dave continued to play sports into adulthood. 

Fast forward, Dave became a coach for his kids and their friends, and the issue of style reappeared in his mind. Both boys were excellent athletes and as Dave coached, he noticed that their movements reminded him of a style more like his father’s than his own. (Dave is right-eye dominant, his father and his two boys are left-eye dominant). Add in a chance discussion about eye dominance, and Dave began to connect the dots.

After years of research, and coaching (as a real-time laboratory), the benefits and efficiency of coaching with eye dominance as a central starting point for any mechanics became apparent.

Founder, Coach Dave is as passionate to study sports as he was to play them in his youth. As an adult, he continued playing competitive sports as well as coach his sons’ teams. He realized that each athlete had natural strengths and weaknesses and that simply applying the traditional fundamentals to each player on the team was insufficient. As he worked on player development he started with their vision to ensure they could see properly. Then he identified their dominant eye and tailored coaching, mechanics, and fundamentals to that athlete around their primary vision field in addition to their handedness and other athletic traits. The results of the eye dominance-based coaching were a success and led Coach Dave to delve deeper into the applications of ocular dominance and how we see and play. Coach Dave teamed up with his first business partner and friend, Bruce, also a lifelong athlete, coach, and business coach for several major international corporations, to consider who the concepts and ideas could help.

A loyal following of coaches and players saw Coach Dave’s success and what eventfully became TrackVision was formed. Over years, the team was able to repeatedly apply their training techniques to all levels of athletes and coaches from professionals and Division I players on down. A Ph.D. entrepreneur, Fred, joined TrackVision and helped develop and patent the TrackVision Indicator Glasses in addition to formalizing the training and certification programs for TrackVision Coaches. As TrackVision expands their team, they seek forward-thinking coaches who desire the innovative and proven practices that TrackVision coaching certification offers.

Vision Field Technologies, Inc. owns the TrackVision Training and the Dominant Eye Coach.