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Eye on the Ball

Why didn’t he see the other player? Why did the ball go through his hands? We can fix this!

Tired of giving the ball away on the pitch? Unable to see defenders stepping to the ball? Not hitting the target? Losing out on tackles? Tentative going 1v1?

Position yourself on the pitch to maximize performance and eliminate mistakes. Find proper role models to pattern your game.

Benefits of Tracking First Touch

Take advantage of your visual tracking system to replicate positive first touches. 

Avoid errors or loose touches on the ball by correctly judging its trajectory. 

Less EyeTraps = Confident Technique and Sound Mechanics

Vision Field and Dynamic Play

Penalty Kicks

Minimize optical illusions during intense focus. Use proper sighting techniques to gauge field of depth for accurate precision and weighted strikes. 

Set Pieces

Optimize body positioning for tracking, focus, and striking during crowded and chaotic play.

Run of Play

Dominate possession with spatial awareness, timing, and vision field maximization. Defensively, win balls by exploiting EyeTrap vulnerabilities.

Technical Development

Customized player technique and skill development based on eye dominance, handedness, position, and style of play.


Offensive and defensive maneuvering based on player vision field assessments and  opposition weakness to exploit vulnerabilities and capitalize on strengths. 

Session Design

Proper training strategies for information, training and other developmental activities geared to individual player needs in light of the collective team’s goals.

Want More Tips?

 Body positioning for proper sighting is a simple concept but the execution is not easy. Eye dominance, handedness, sport, position, natural style, and many other variables make the application and execution challenging. TrackVision offers one-on-one coaching for athletes, clinics for teams, and certifications for coaches. In addition, TrackVision has developed patented training glasses and gear to assist coaches and create awareness.