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Welcome MSBL!

We are glad that you are here and we hope that you share this innovative perspective with others. Integrate this awareness and techniques into your game and let us know your results. I’ve been in the MSBL for 20 years and we’ve had great responses from athletes. For MSBL players, coaches, and fans, we have a few Free Customized Tips, based on eye dominance and handedness, to help you and your players improve your game. After finding your dominant eye, receive your Free Customized Tips at the bottom of the page. 

Please reach out to us and let us know if there are opportunities to work with your network of athletes, coaches, and professionals

Coach Dave pictured at MSBL World Series in Arizona

Find Your Dominant Eye

Follow the steps in the video to identify your dominant eye. Then scroll down to consider your vision field and how you position yourself in your sport.

  1. With both eyes open view a small distant object (example – golf ball at 12 feet away). 
  2. Extend both arms, bring both hands together to create an opening between the hands slightly larger than the golf ball, keeping the golf ball centered through that viewing opening.
  3. Draw the hands in toward the head at a fairly quick pace, keeping the chosen object centered in the opening between the hands. When the hands reach the face, whichever eye is still looking through the opening is the dominant eye.

Please note that this video serves as a general tool to find eye dominance and that eye dominance is confirmed by all TrackVision Certified Coaches.

Hitting Tip

Coach Dave provides some practical hitting tips based on your eye dominance. Positioning yourself correctly in the batter’s box will increase your batting average and your fielding percentage.

Fielding Tip

Tired of missing the same ground ball off the same parts of your body/hands over an entire career? Small adjustments to mechanics can reduce errors based on your positioning to maximize the vision field.

Practical Training Based on Your Vision Field

Depth perception, tracking, aiming, trajectory, speed, rotation, and other visually-dependent variables are no longer left to raw talent. TrackVision’s training, gear, and diagnostic analysis assists athletes, coaches, and scouts with personal/player awareness and competitive advantage over opponents.

Receive Free Customized Tips

Select the button below that best characterizes you, and receive free customized tips on your combination of handedness and eye dominance. 

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